Cyrus (Kourosh) Aladin



About Cyrus (Kourosh) Aladin

Cyrus (Kourosh) Aladin was born in 1977 in Tehran, Iran. He got his bachelor degrees in art at the same time as he got his associate degree in electronic engineering. As young as 18 years old, he started his career as a scriptwriter for a famous comedy sitcom on Iran's national television. His father’s background (musician & actor), helped him improve in the entertainment industry. Cyrus wrote more than 7 series, feature films, and many documentaries. 
In 1999, he began his career as a film director with the series “Hidden Pain.” He continued directing more than 23 films, commercials, series, music videos, and etc...
During all his years, he worked in TV and radio as a host and producer. 
In 2013, he came to the United States. Because of his experience in the media industry, he soon began working with several TV stations in America. He continued directing a few short films, 2 music videos, 8 advertisements, and created/directed a number of sitcoms and TV series. Currently, Cyrus is the founder of an internet radio station: Radio Sedaye Parseh.



  • Director of documentaries, fiction films, and television series.

  • Editor.

  • Scriptwriter.

  • TV host.

  • Photographer and Videographer.  

  • Voice actor. 

  • Advertisement Management.

  • Graphic designer.