• Director of documentaries, fiction films, and television series.

  • Editor.

  • Scriptwriter.

  • TV host.

  • Photographer and Videographer. 

  • Voice actor.

  • Advertisement Management. 

  • Graphic designer.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Tehran University

  • AA in Electronic Engineering, Azad University



  • Main Character in three series and two movies from 1995–1997 on the national TV of Iran.

  • Engaged in a few theatrical performances from 1997–2000.


  • In 1994 I joined the group of writer for the well-known sitcom Fun Times on Channel 2 of the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting). After one season of that sitcom, I became the head writer of the show for the next three seasons.

  • In 1996 I started a new year-long sitcom, Apple of Laughter, on IRIB Channel 3.

  • In 1997 I wrote 13 episodes of a series for IRIB Channel 1 called Hidden Pain.

  • In 1999 I was the writer of another IRIB series, New Season, for 26 episodes.

  • From 1999–2002 I wrote for various television shows and documentaries, including 120 episodes of the For Tomorrow show on IRIB Channel 3, and 81 episodes of a Science Magazine documentary on channel 3, as well as 390 episodes of With The Youth TV show on Channel 3 and a 120 episode documentary on The History of Iran for Channel 1. Some of these were played on BBC and DW.

  • From 2003–2008 I wrote four TV movies: Escape, Constitutional, Waves, and Hiva.

  • From 2010–2013 I wrote three seasons of the political sitcom Time to Make a Choice.


  • From 1999–2001 I was the main host of For Tomorrow on IRIB Channel 3.

  • From 2000–2003 I hosted different daily shows on the IRIB Sports Radio.

  • From 2011-2013 I host a very popular politic show on the IRIB Weekly Report.

  • From 2014–2016 I was the news host of two Iranian channels in Los Angeles, Royal Time TV and Andisheh TV, as well as four different programs on Andisheh TV. I was also the news anchor for both channels.

  • From 2015–2016 I hosted the Radio Shadi daily show.

  • 2019-Currently I am a news Anchor and a show host: Gramophone in an internet radio station Radio Sedaye Parseh.

  • 2017-Currently I am the news chief editor in OITV.


  • In 1999 I directed the series Hidden Pain.

  • From 2000–2013 I directed 25 advertisements for various companies.

  • From 2005–2007 I was the director of 12 music videos for several singers.

  • In 2005 I made a full-length cinematic film, Mom Helped Me Propose.

  • From 2010–2013 I directed the political sitcom Time to Make a Choice.

  • From 2014–2016 I directed more than 7 different weekly shows on the Royal Time and Andisheh Television: A political show called Allergy (90 episodes), 120 episodes of Land of Kindness, a puppet show called Dr. Khafan, a puppet show called Mr. Nosey, Andisheh With Friends, What About College?, and a teenage TV show called  BFF.

  • From 2017-2019 I directed 3 music videos for three singers in Los Angeles.


  • I was the producer for my entire TV career in California and in Iran. I produced many of the same TV shows and movies that I directed.

  • During 2007, I established Sound of Persepolis, the first internet radio in Iran, which ran until 2009.

  • In 2012 I produced a sports show London’s Olympic Games.

  • I created more than 20 promotional and educational movies for private corporations, including the oil industry and airlines. After seeking asylum in the United States in 2013, I made 7 commercials for The Hot Line; a company in Missouri.

Business and Management

  • From 2010–2011 I managed 24 concerts and events. I also acted as a cultural administrator in the Economic Free Zone of Qeshm Island.

  • I was the CEO, Owner, and Manager of two art and film companies: Golden Frame (2008-2010)  Strong Design, Strong Acting (2010-2013).

  • I am the Founder of Radio Sedaye Parseh: A Persian internet radio station.


  • I worked with many newspapers and magazines as a writer and reporter.

  • From 2000–2013 I wrote more than 20 articles in 8 newspapers and magazines: Neshat, Quods, Hamshahri, Iran, Payameh Daneshjoo, Abrar, Khordad, Sobh.

  • For a few months, I was editor-in-chief of two magazines: Kish Negar, Economy Free Zone


  • I am the advertising manager in American Risk Insurance Company.